Shenzhen BOJUN Electronics Co., Ltd. , founded in 2011, employs 80 people plant area of 3,000 square meters, is a collection of high-frequency transformer (bakelite) skeleton, SMD placement, BASE base, and other products of independent research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the integrated enterprise; has more than one automatic injection molding machine Dianmu, pin machine, Burr processor, sparks machines, high precision grinding, milling, drilling, CNC and other advanced production equipment and perfect quality control system; With strong BOBBIN, SMD, BASE, and other products mold design and development capabilities; has a strong (BOBBIN) product manufacturing capacity, can meet a number of medium and large transformer manufacturers supply plan.
After BOJUN tireless efforts of all staff, in 2014 passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, product fully into halogen-free environmental controls, to ensure 100% compliance with ROHS requirements to become your best choice supplier of products on BOBBIN .
Companies in "good faith, innovation, manufacturing quality," the principle of serving the new and old customers, the majority of old customers has always supported and new customers gradually recognized; adhere to the "all fundamental interests of customers," the act on the principle , cautious attitude, scientific management, innovative thinking and advanced production technology to ensure the optimal cost-effective products, and we sincerely look forward to more relevant manufacturers, together for the development of China's transformer industry to contribute.

        深圳市铂骏电子有限公司拥有一批高素质的管理队伍,高水平的技术人员、检验人员及一批训练有素的BOBBIN专业制造工人,20多台全自动注塑(电木)成型机,40多台插PIN机,7台毛边处理机等先进的生产设备;月生产BOBBIN 30000000~35000000只/月;正常交期3~7天;紧急交期1~3天。

     Shenzhen Bojun Electronic Co., Ltd. has a group of high-quality management team, a high level of technical personnel, inspection personnel and a number of well-trained BOBBIN professional manufacturing workers, more than 20 sets of automatic injection (Bakelite) machine, 40 multiple inserted PIN machines, seven at burr and other advanced production equipment; monthly production BOBBIN 30000000~ 35000000/ month; normal delivery of 3 to 7 days; urgent delivery of 1 to 3 days.

      Shenzhen Bojun Electronic Co., Ltd. has a number of technology research and development, mold development, quality management and manufacturing BOBBIN years of professional engaged in team, the existing high-precision plastic / bakelite mold more than 300 sets of monthly capacity of 10 units / month, samples die within 7-10 days, 10-15 days production cycle;

      Shenzhen BoJun Electronic Co., Ltd. since passed the ISO9001 quality certification, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management requirements established standardized quality management and quality assurance system, implementing quality management total quality full participation, an independent quality department, thereby to ensure the company's quality management unification, standardization, unified method, the results of unity; the quality department of raw materials, quality control, process quality control, final quality control of the factory, the market basically a file quality control, standardization and institutionalization of the management data. Meanwhile, the quality department has a number of highly qualified personnel BOBBIN product testing, are secondary or higher education, and has many years BOBBIN product quality control, inspection, test experience, in addition, the quality department also has a series of advanced testing instruments, tools, equipment, ensure the detection method, testing standards, test results of accurate, timely and reliable. Thus do not substandard materials storage, substandard products not manufactured.
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